Go Tell It On The Mountains

As I sit here with my iTunes on shuffle and my daydreaming of Haiti… it is only fitting that “Go Tell It On The Mountains” would be begin to play.  Immediately, my mind was swept up in the memories of sharing the story of Jesus’ birth.  To the faces of children caressed in their mother’s arms as they listened.  The faces of children, who’d come with friends or peers to heard about this man named, “Jesus.”


It made me think of the word “Ayiti” and it’s meaning.  “Ayiti” means “land of mountains,” and what a beautiful land it is.  I have been blessed to go to Haiti six times and lead five teams in sharing the story of Jesus in the land of mountains.  My heart yearns to share more of about Jesus in the “mountains” and “everywhere.”



There is a longing in my soul to “Go Tell It On The Mountains” to those who have never heard… to those who need to hear of a divine love that offers us grace, restoration, and truth… His name is JESUS!


Mwen manke Ayiti anpil!


Living In A Dream

As I was driving down the road this morning, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of Haiti.  This week has been insane.  The lack of oxygen to my brain is quite real in my struggles to focus… finding it hard to have time to breathe this week.  No complains here though!  It has been a long week, but we are in the home-stretch and I could not be more excited! 😀

I have packed almost 19 bags this week with clothes, school supplies, and shoes for HCM [Haitian Christian Mission].  Between organizing, packing, and weighing all of it I have been quite overwhelmed, but in my head, one thing kept entering my thoughts. 1st world problems!  [Some of you reading may be wondering what this is, so let me explain.  If you have a Twitter account, when you write a status or a tweet, you can hash tag something at the end and it is all complied into a section of tweets based on these hash tags.  (For example: My husband surprised me today by cooking dinner. #blessed)  If you look up “blessed” on Twitter, anyone can see your status under your hash tag.  It is pretty sweet!]  Okay, back to the story!  Recently, Whit Maxey, one of the guys I work with said that one of the new has tags was #firstworld and it is all about our “First World” problems.  This week whenever I felt frustrated or overwhelmed about my insignificant issues or “to-do” list I would hear “first world” in my head and suck it up.  Honestly, it didn’t matter how crazy this week seemed, I have a good life, and getting ready to head to Haiti only makes it better.  I can hardly contain myself.

It has been six months since I was in Haiti, but it just feel like yesterday.  God truly changed my life through my last experience in Haiti.  He consumed my heart and opened my eyes to see how He sees.  [It is sad that after being back in the states a while we start to allow our blinders come back.  Not only that, but the brain washing continues from our #firstworld issues.  We don’t have enough money, enough clothes, enough whatever… our culture starts to consume our thoughts again and we are fighting off those urges all over again.  I can’t wait to have a reminder and a flushing out of my flesh.  Those are needed at times!

Tomorrow will be surreal as we reach Haiti and I am able to see my brothers, Robenson (Sonson) Louis (23) and Samuel Simon (16).  We have been counting down the days until we would be able to see one another, but I know I will be dreading as the days pass by while I am there. [It will be at least a year before I am able to go to Haiti again with Zeke’s arrival on the way].  Knowing I will not see them for at least a year brings tears to my eyes.  They have truly become my family!  I know my heart will yearn to be in Haiti serving them and their families… it will yearn for my long talks with Sonson and Samuel about our mighty God.  It helps to know I will see them again when I leave their precious smiling faces, whether here on earth or in Heaven, when we see our Heavenly Father.  I CANNOT WAIT to see them and give them GIANT hugs! 😀  They are so excited to meet Nick.  Sonson wants Nick to show him how to play the guitar, which I think will be a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to watch Nick fall in love with Haiti and the Haitian people just like I did. I am so excited about experiencing this with my husband and seeing how God uses this trip to change our lives forever.

Please pray for our team as we take this trip.  My phone has been blowing up all day with concerns, excitement, questions, and surprises. ha.  I know everyone is feeling what I felt back in June as I started packing my bags, but this time is actually much crazier since we are leading worship at churches, doing VBS for three different churches, and running sports camps.  It is going to be quite busy and we are bringing a lot into the country.  Please pray for a renewed spirit in our students… for  these goggles we wear as Americans to be removed and for us to see what the rest of the world looks like… for the Holy Spirit to move in such a way that we are not just inspired to change, but forced to.  Again, THANK YOU to everyone who made this mission trip a reality for our team.  We are beyond blessed.  Keep the prayers coming!  Mwen renmen ou!  Bondye renmen ou!

Preparing For An Awakening

My thoughts are consumed with Haiti!  I can only imagine how the lives of the people there have changed since January 12, 2010.  The devastation they were put through, the cries and screams from the city streets as people searched for their loved ones, the smell of death all around, the dust and rubble covering their skin from head to toe, struggling to breathe as they crawl from under the rubble which had only minutes before been their homes…  utter devastation all around them.

I can’t even begin to truly prepare my heart for this trip.  Prayer has been on the forefront of my mind.  I have truly been trying to pray without ceasing especially considering all the circumstances I am about to experience.  My biggest prayer has been for God to use our team in a mighty way by sharing the love of Christ with His people.  The Haitian people are in need of love just like everyone else.  They need to know that they haven’t been forgotten.  It is easy for us to see the devastation of their community and feel sympathy for them, but to truly experience their environment will be totally overwhelming.   I cannot wait to see how God moves through our team on this trip and to see what kind of life change it will bring for all of us.  The last thing I want to happen is for us to come home, hit the ground running with school and work to just forget everything we experienced while in Haiti.

Please pray for us as we share God’s love with the people there.  Especially considering that majority of the people there are Roman Catholic and almost half of those practice Voodoo. :]  It is definitely going to be a new experience for all of us.  I honestly just want to spread the love of Jesus to the people there and love of some little kids and the women there.

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.  You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” – Matthew 5:13-16

Pray that we will be a light to the Haitian people… that we will be a catalyst for their weary souls, because of Christ.

“For he has not ignored or belittled the suffering of the needy.  He has not turned his back on them, but has listened to their cries for help.” Psalm 22:24