Curve Balls Mean Adjusting

“Life is not about how many curve balls you encounter, but rather adjusting your perspective, to effectively handle each curve ball. – Laura D. Fields

Infertility is becoming a very common word in our society, especially in the last few years. More and more we are hearing of family and friends having unexplained miscarriages or just issues conceiving. My husband and I were all too familiar with infertility during our marriage. We tried for a few years to get pregnant; I was even talked into taking Clomid and Progesterone in hopes of increase my chances of fertility. The multiple doctors at multiple practices sat me down and explained why I would not be able to conceive… “You have P.C.O.S., which will make it nearly impossible for you to get pregnant, if you are ever able to get pregnant.” [So encouraging, right?!?] I left every time in tears and desperately seeking God for answers. Not to mention every Tom, Dick, and Harry around you seem to be announcing their pregnancies and sure you are happy for them, yet every announcement feels like someone cut open your oozing wound and pour salt all in it. I went through many of those moments; some of those moments with my best of friends. I later had to sit down and apologize to my best friend in the world. I wanted to celebrate with her… it was just so painful and I felt so selfish. ***Sorry for the side note.***

After three years of experimenting with fertility drugs and coming up short handed every time, as well, as only ovulating once in an entire year, we threw in the towel. We finally turned it all over to the Lord. [I do realize that not everyone reading this blog, believes in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but that is where my husband and I firmly stand…on the Rock]. Three months later, we were reading a random email from a friend asking us about adopting a child; a child that is now our son.


holding my son for the first time
holding our son for the first time


More about our adoption process here.

After we adopted our son, we were content with giving him all of our love. We took on a serious responsibility when we adopted someone’s child and took him to raise as our own. Our focus turned towards raising a man of character, integrity, and love. It is strange how quickly we forgot he was even adopted. There are days when I have to remind our friends and even remind my husband and myself. Due to our immense love for our son and our attention being solely on him, we quit worrying about fertility drugs, infertility, and pregnancy. Then it happened… and out of no where.

October 12 was a busy day with a giant surprise at the end. My husband’s band, Homegrown Band, had a video shoot that evening. Video for “I’m Gonna Be Me.” here. You can read more about that crazy day here. Constant queasiness, lots of fatigue, and hormone issues should have pointed me into the right direction, but after multiple negative pregnancy tests and “it will never happens” there was no way. But, there was a way… I was pregnant! The first positive test I had seen during our journey together. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I was in shock. I slowly crept down the hallway, with a flushed face and sweaty hands. As I approached my son’s room, where my husband was changing his diaper and getting him ready for bed, I felt like I would pass out. An out of body experience to say the least. Sticking my head around the corner, my husband could easily look at my face and tell something was off. Doubt, excitement, fear, and wonderment were probably written all over my face. I smiled and reluctantly asked if he would come to our room (we had guest over for the Walking Dead). Showing him the faded pink line on an old store bought pregnancy test seemed ridiculous and scary, but there it was. Two pregnancy test later, because we were skeptical, it was our new reality.

We were pregnant.

I would love to tell you that it was the most blissful, joy-filled time in our lives, but it was one of the hardest times in our marriage. We were experiencing so much change and a lot of it unexpected. The pregnancy came at an amazing time for us financially, but in all other aspects change was happening all around us. However, God’s timing is never our timing. His timing is always best and He had proven it to us constantly. Even during the pregnancy.

Pregnancies can be very difficult on your body, emotions, health, and weight. At various times, God would remind me of His hand throughout my pregnancy. At my weigh-ins, I was losing and not gaining. I felt incredible the entire pregnancy and carried our son full-term (even a few days past my due date). Blah! ūüôā


~Jasper’s birth~

May 23rd, I went to the mall to shop with my dear friend and little sister, Megan, and my oldest son. [I was trying all sorts of things to get Jasper to come]. We arrived at the mall and unloaded the stroller to head inside. As we started walking through the mall I thought I felt contractions, but they weren’t consistent. I went about my shopping like I never felt a twinge of pain. As I was standing talking to some friends in the maternity store, I felt my water break. [Luckily, there was no gush of fluids]. Ha. I waited until they left to tell Megan that I thought my water had broken. Zeke was begging to ride the escalator, so I sent Megan with him to ride while I made a detour to the ladies’ room. Sure enough; my water had broken. Megan did her best not to freak out, but she did tear up from excitement.

As we left the mall, we tried calling Nick, as he was helping Austin (my intern and our children’s minister) install a new starter in her Jeep. [He was suppose to be going to the mall with us, but Austin needed help, so we sent Nick to save the day. Which he did]. He is a good hubby! (; When he called me back, I explained what was going on and he made a plan. We would meet at the house and then finish getting our stuff together and head to the hospital. We did just that. We weren’t in a big hurry to get there, since all of our classes suggested it would take a while.

After the loading up the car and giving Zeke lots of kisses, we headed towards the hospital. I cannot begin to tell you all the thoughts running through my head. I couldn’t believe after nine months this was really happening… he was coming! We would no longer just be parents to one handsome blue-eyed boy. We would no longer just be reading the bedtime stories and the Bible to one curious fella. We would no longer be giving our constantly attention and love to just one little miracle. We would be doing all of this for two precious miracle boys.

No matter the rushing whirlwind, I can recall every detail of that night, but I won’t bore you with the every intimate detail. When we arrived at the hospital, we were quickly admitted. The nurse could not find a prominent vein in my forearm, so she called in reinforcements. A nurse came in, she never introduced herself, but she walked in tied a rubber band around my arm, then jammed the IV needle in my arm. [I thought I was going to die; it was the worst part of my labor and delivery]. ***I know I am very fortunate.*** After they fully broke my water, they asked when I wanted my epidural. I explained I wanted to enjoy the labor and delivery, so I told them just to send them when they were ready. At this point it was about 10:30p. By 11:30p, the Anesthesiologist had come and gone, and I couldn’t feel my legs. From that point on, Nick and I slept off and on as my nurse would have random checks on Jasper’s progress. At 6am, I woke and called the nurses’ station and explained how I felt pressure and needed to push. As the nurse entered the room to give me one last check, she concurred it was time.

Nick walked over to the bed, as the nurse left the room to get prepared, grabbed my hand and prayed over Jasper, me, and the delivery. We already had so many miracles to be thankful for, but we were thanking Him yet again for this new little miracle, who was on his way to meet us. My labor and delivery was a miracle in and of itself. I could not believe how great I felt afterwards. My heart was overwhelmed with such an intense love as I watched my son be born into this world… a love for this tiny, precious life God had chosen to give my husband and me. An intense new love that was fierce, selfless, and tender all at the same time. I was overcome with a new love for my husband as well. He had been my best friend, comforter, and rock, but this was time it was more intense… unfathomable really. I was feeling three different types of love for him all at once; there was so much emotion flowing from my heart and I could hardly breathe. I could tell by my husband’s eyes that he felt it too. The exhaustion didn’t matter to either of us… we had a whole new surge of energy we’d never experienced before. My active labor lasted about 30 minutes. We started at 6:05am and by 6:25am, our son was here!


He had more hair than we thought he would. We were not expecting that. We were both so incredibly smitten with him and could not wait to introduce him to his big brother.





After he was born, they left him with me for skin to skin for about an hour, then took him back to get a bath and be checked out. After the epidural was removed, we got ready to move to our postpartum room. Nick and I were both so exhausted, but we were driven to stay awake due to all the excitement.



Around noon everyone started making their way to the hospital. We wanted to experience our son’s birth without everyone there. It was such a surreal time for us. Once people started arriving we could not wait to show him off, but mostly to his big brother.

Here are some of the pictures from the day. A huge thank you to Mrs. Evanda Estes, one of our best friends, who happens to be a great photographer. She captured these precious memories for us and our family.



Big brother, Zeke was extremely curious and excited to meet his new baby brother. He was so sweet with him; he even brought me flowers and Jasper a stuffed animal. He wanted to look at his hands and feet, because they were so tiny. He just kept saying, “He’s so cute!” It tugged on my heart-strings a little more each time he said it.



Welcome to the world sweet Jasper Wyatt Ivey! You are an answer to so many prayers by many God-fearing people. We are so glad you are a part of our family. You are deeply cherished and loved. God has a great purpose for your life…never forget it! We will remind you daily. Daddy and I love you and Ezekiel more than we will ever be able to put into words. You are a beacon of hope, my sweet son!


Both of you are answers to many gut-wrenching and heartbroken prayers. Each a reminder of God’s Sovereignty even when we wrestle with our own faithfulness to God’s plan and purpose.


My prayer for you both is for you to come to walk in relationship with Jesus Christ and as his followers, you will be like the moon, but only so you can reflect the light of the Son. I love you, sweet boys! xoxo


Photography by Aislinn Rain Photography.

What Is To Come…

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The past ten weeks have been a whirlwind. I promise I will give an update on our life and our newest little fella, Jasper. The Lord has provided Nick and I with two incredible miracles in the last three years and we could not be any more proud if we tried. I don’t think we could have ever imagined, during our fight of infertility, how God would allow our children to come into this crazy world. Our story is not norm, nor is it going to happen to everyone struggling with infertility, but I hope through our story, some will find hope.

I will continue to pray for those around me struggling with adoptions, infertility, loss, and miscarriages long after God has answered our prayers. Knowing the struggle puts into prospective how so many men and especially women in prayer and to be reminded there IS healing, hope, and options. May God bless and keep you cradled in His arms during your fights and struggles. God’s timing doesn’t always make sense, but it is perfect (for you).

Look I’m In A Nutshell

Disheartening to realize I have not updated my blog since our anniversary (a year ago). [So much has happened since then].

I guess I should try and give a brief update on our lives between July of 2014 and now.

August of 2014, we went on a much needed vacation with some sweet friends. We enjoyed lots of food, games, laughs, and sunny days.

IMG_5286 10365790_10152623143447095_1943276697149947506_n

10306726_10152607042207095_3696272647898135859_n 10615418_10152613155412095_1155930203550655305_n

1471771_10152623039017095_4853925506417575986_n IMG_5284








September was full of lots of fun adventures. We went to Dallas, TX with Homegrown Band.

10603582_10152672802612095_6098704929907763067_n 10665758_10204214007846193_1702026227321670349_nIMG_4496




We started renovations on Nick’s memaw’s house, so we could eventually move in. ¬†It was quite a load to tackle.












IMG_4645 IMG_4646 IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4704 IMG_4705 IMG_4706 IMG_4707 IMG_4708 IMG_4794 IMG_4795 IMG_4796 IMG_4797 IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4801 IMG_4802 IMG_4803

IMG_4804 IMG_4805 IMG_4806 IMG_4874 IMG_4875 IMG_4876

I went with the staff and students from CCF. We went to Whitewater Express in North Carolina. ¬†I basically battled illness all of September… sinus infections and constant nausea… even while we were gone on our retreat with the college students.





10704184_733906129992370_6734732172949435279_n (1)



October was full of craziness from officiating my cousin’s wedding to attending other weddings.

10801784_10203226942490486_2358759369367830544_n10173788_10203227087894121_3501251678891553565_n10384612_884788458198236_2960561813966123163_n  1904192_10152490738987423_7603942813438696306_n



Little man also got a new hair cut before all the wedding festivities began.  He is way too cute!  [Bias much].








If you have been following my blog for a while you know that our son, Zeke, is adopted and we had been told we would NEVER be able to have children of our own.  In October we had talked about beginning the adoption process again starting in January and hopefully adopting from Haiti.  After all the sickness in September and through October, a friend suggested we take a pregnancy test, which we thought was ridiculous since we had taken hundreds in the past with many disappointing results.  Nick also mentioned taking one just to be sure before we made an appointment looking for answers to why I had been dealing with severe sickness with no answers.

After some major coaching and persuasion, October 12th, I found an old pregnancy test and decided to take it.  I was honestly in shock when the results showed we were expecting, so shocked in fact that I took two more test just to be sure.  We made a phone call the next day and made an appointment to confirm that this was actually happening.  Needless-to-say, God provided a wonderful miracle for our family, even though that was not our train of thought when we first found out.  We were nervous and scared, because we were so unprepared and planning our move from our larger house to a smaller house.

October 16th, our pregnancy was confirmed by the doctors and we shared the news with our parents that weekend.  There were many excited and joyful tears shed as we all celebrated the life of one that had been long-awaited and prayed for.


God has been beyond faithful to our family and even though we were scared, we also saw where this precious gift was God’s perfect timing. ¬†God had been faithful to us in working out the perfectly smooth adoption of our amazing son, Zeke, and now He was blessing us yet again with a life we never expected.

Big Brother-2-2

October was an exciting time as well as a blur at times. ¬†We were so busy with fall festivities, packing, and weddings… we had little time to process this little one that was about to forever change our lives.

November was hectic. ¬†We moved to our new house, I participated in the ColorRun at Atlanta Motor Speedway with some ladies from my church, we celebrated Nick’s 28th birthday, I took Nick to see his childhood hero, Garth Brooks, and I went to see All Sons and Daughter and David Crowder at the Tabernacle with Katrina and Sarah.


This was the night of the Garth Brooks’ concert. ¬†He was so excited and I was thrilled that [I did good] getting him a great birthday present. ūüôā

IMG_4625 IMG_4623

All Sons and Daughters were incredible!!!  It is rare to hear a band that sounds just as flawless live as they do on their album.


We also were able to find out that we were having right before we went home for Thanksgiving.


Jasper Wyatt Ivey.  Our newest addition and BOY were we excited to find out we would be having another little fella.  [We were terrified at the thought of having a little girl].  Thanks to Baby Dimensions in Newnan, GA for their kindness and hard work.

December always brings adventure, business, and chaos with Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Christmas family photos, traveling to visit family, and decorating for all the festivities.  We had an amazing time with our family over the holidays.  Children bring such a fun dynamic to the holiday season as you watch them open presents or they help you open yours.  We had an unforgettable holiday season and our last one with just one little peanut running around.

I took some shots of my sweet men while we were Christmas tree hunting at Redland Nursery in Temple, Ga.  It is our favorite place to go to pick out our Christmas tree.  Zeke wanted to help cut down every Christmas tree.  This was the first time I could really start to see just how much he idolized his daddy.


These are a few shots from our Christmas shoot with Aislinn Rain Photography. ¬†Aislinn is phenomenal at her job and we never leave worried that we won’t get what we paid for. ¬†She makes our family feel so at ease and can even get Zeke to take pictures when he hasn’t had a nap. ¬†Thankful she works such great magic. ¬†Haha.



We didn’t have as much room to work with this year as we played the role of Santa, but it was well worth the smile on Zeke’s face when he got the only gift he had asked for in the months prior to Christmas. ¬†A John Deere tractor.
IMG_5217 IMG_5226

December had some tough moments as well.  Whit Maxey, one of our dear friends, received an amazing job offer at a church in our area.  We knew that job would not be easy to turn down and so we said our sad goodbyes at the end of the semester.  It was a very difficult night for all of us as a staff, but we were thrilled for him and his family.


January was not to hectic. ¬†We celebrated my sweet daddy’s birthday. ¬†Nick, Russell, Zeke, and I met my dad in Madison, GA, which is about half way between Augusta and Temple, to celebrate dad’s birthday. ¬†My mom was ill and not able to join which was disappointing, but it was wonderful to spend time with dad.


February and March were full of sickness within the family and Homegrown’s radio tour to Wisconsin. ¬†We spent a lot of time trying to get well from allergies, bronchitis, sinus infections, and walking pneumonia. ¬†All of us felt pretty miserable.


Homegrown’s radio tour was a huge success and help land them in the top 80 on the Country Music breakout charts. ¬†We were all very proud of their efforts and the momentum they were gaining. ¬†Zeke and I were happy when Nick returned home even though he was exhausted.


My sweet momma also through me a very special baby shower in Augusta with all of my family and friends from Augusta.  It was such a special time with the people who had been praying for Nick and I for such a long time.  It was a great time celebrating all God had done in our lives.

13792_10204122202071416_1684165168656328235_n 10155756_948576601829513_4542460125594772635_n 11081275_948576685162838_7587953985244129605_n

April was filled birthday celebrations, Zeke moving into his big boy bed, and nursery renovations.  He was really excited about his new bed and sharing his crib with his baby brother.  We were worried how the transition would go with him moving from a crib to a toddler bed, but it went smoother than we could have ever expected.  10426674_10153215704847095_1983319079558101314_n

Obviously, as you can see, he was quite comfortable in his new bed the first night.  We took him to IKEA and let him pick out what bed, mattress, and bedding he wanted.  We also let him pick out some stuffed animals to match his bedding.

Jasper’s room started coming together as well once we had our baby showers and figured out the decor for his nursery.


We also closed out another year at CCF, which was extremely bittersweet.  The year had been full of changes and laughs, but the biggest transition was losing our three amazing interns; Austin, Elliot, and Paul.  Those three kept our heads up when the days where uncertain and rough.  They kept smiles on our faces through their infectious smiles, ridiculous jokes, and laughter.

At the end of the month we headed to North Atlanta to see one of our favorite boys, Wedds Alexis, play soccer for his school.  We were so excited to see him and spend time with him.  Zeke, especially!  It was his final soccer game, so we had to make sure we attended the game.  He had grown so much in the last year and had matured a great deal.




Megan also graduated from the University of West Georgia with her undergrad.  We were so proud of her for her hard work and determination.


May was busy!!!!  Homegrown had concerts almost every weekend.  We were getting last minute things together before Jasper made his appearance.  We spent as much quality time as we good with Zeke before he was no longer the only little guy.  We made the most of date nights as we could as well.


Homegrown played at the AMP in Carrollton at Adamson Square for an event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club. ¬†It was a lot of fun with tons of people. ¬†We had a great time, especially Zeke. ¬†He loved watching his daddy playing lead guitar. ¬†It made my heart melt. ¬†ūüôā

The next weekend Homegrown Band had a private event for some of their backer who had invested in their newest album, “Summer Song.”





The event was held at the Train Depot in Carrollton, GA. ¬†It was such a great way for the band to say, “thank you” to those who have given for their efforts, money, and time to see them into this next chapter. ¬†It was also great to see some very sweet friends. ¬†Sherry Sullivan is truly one of a kind. ¬†It was fun spending an evening unwinding with her. ¬†Crazy to think I was nine months pregnant.




Here is one of our many car rides during the last month of our pregnancy. ¬†Zeke is getting so big and it makes me overwhelmed with emotions at times. ¬†He is our stylish kiddo. ūüôā



Nick and I also enjoyed a date and took one last picture of us as a family of three.



I am sorry for the extremely long post, but Evanda Estes and Sarah Steffes have been asking me to update my blog (this is for you two).  I will hopefully add another post soon about our newest addition and our growing family.  We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for all He has done and is continuing to do in our lives.  We are very blessed!

-Mrs. I


Why is this happening?

What are you trying to teach us?

Why can’t you give us some answers?

Why would you allow me to have a child in high school in all the wrong ways?

Why not now when I am going about it the right way?

How can you give people children who mistreat their children or neglect them, but people you know will raise their children to love you and serve you, you withhold them?

Does it make you happy to see us try and build ourselves up, just to crumble with the news of another negative?

Why are you allowing our closest friends to get pregnant, but not us?

How can you sit back and watch me fall a part and barely breathing and be okay with it?

Why are you allowing me to feel like I am drowning with no glimpse of help in sight?

How can I continue to have faith in you like I always have?

How long must we wait? (I am not getting any younger)!

I know you have a purpose in all of this, but could you please give us some answers or at least a answer?

How long do you expect me to hold on? (I am losing my grip).

Do you really think I am that strong?

Why Nick?

Why are you allowing him to suffer? (He deserves so much better).

How can I continue doing this… trying to move forward?

How long before I realize what you want me to?

Why can’t I feel you or find you?

Where are you?

Bitter water makes for a slow death…

I can’t breathe. ¬†I feel like someone has their hands wrapped around my neck and I am desperately trying to get them off. ¬†I can’t breathe. ¬†The only thing I feel is numb. ¬†This disappointment and discouragement is consuming me. ¬†It is welling up inside me like a geyser about to erupt… and I am terrified of the impact is will have on my heart and the hope I have been holding onto for so long.

Idiot, right? ¬†To believe this time would be different and that this month would be our chance. ¬†I feel like someone sucker punched me in the stomach. ¬†I wasn’t expecting that at all… I believed it would be our month, not that things were going to get worse. ¬†Oh again, satan is screaming over me that I am a failure and not enough. ¬†I want to scream, but who would listen… NO ONE!!! ¬†No one understands or feels like I am feeling.

This situation feels like a giant ocean that I am trying to ride out and make it to shore. ¬†I have been tossed from side to side…. emotions riding high… longing to find some normalcy in this sea of hope. ¬†This time the storm is raging much fierier than I ever imagined and my heart is beating out of my chest, just trying to keep my head above water. ¬†I can taste the bitter water in my mouth stronger today than ever and I am pretty sure that the bitter water is the makings for a slow death…

I need my life preserver! Jesus, I need you!

Days Like These… Enough!

Family planning is overrated. Okay, this is just me being bitter at the moment. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to see how I was taking to my medicine. I finally got the courage to just point blank ask Dr. McKenna whether she thought Nick and I would be able to have kids since she had given me some extra help in the fertility department rather early. She explained that she thought that because of my irregular cycle we would have some trouble (trying to not be too specific). She thought that if we used the fertility stuff that it would increase our chances.

I guess at this point I was okay with using the drugs because I was realizing we needed the help. While we were talking I explained that while we were on the CCF Women’s Retreat that I had experienced some cramping in my left ovary to which she became very excited and sent me stay to the lab to have blood work done. She thought the cramping might be due to my ovulation. This gave me the hope I had been looking for and felt myself beginning to get excited. I went to get my blood work with the biggest smile on my face hoping that finally things were going our way. Nick was really excited when I called to tell him that she seemed really excited and sent me for blood work. He wants a baby so bad he is just beside himself.

We both have been looking forward to today when I would get my results back. Today around 4:30pm, I called Dr. McKenna’s office anxiously waiting to hear my results from the blood work… Lynn (one of the nurses) read me the results which I didn’t understand and then she explained that I am not ovulating on my own. She explained that I would definitely need to use the Clomid to simulate ovulation. She went though how all of this would work and how I needed to take the drugs over the next few weeks. I hung up the phone to hear the sweet voice calling my name… my sweet husband. I explained what the nurse said and the results of my test. He, of course, was sweet and supportive, but inside I felt like I was dying.

I know it sounds stupid, but in some ways I feel like a failure. (I know I’m not, but I guess I just can’t help, but feel that way).These last few weeks I have been trying to remind myself that my job, my success to produce children, and so many other things do not define me nor should they define where my confidence comes from. 2 Corinthians 3:4-6 has been what I have been repeating to myself.

“Such confidence as this is ours through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God. He has made us competent.” 2 Corinthians 3:4-6

I think what has been refreshing is the translation in Greek for the word “competent” means “enough.”Repeating “Not that we are ENOUGH in ourselves…but being ENOUGH comes from God. He has made us ENOUGH,” has helped me wake up in the morning and not feel like I am worthless. It gives me some peace just knowing that God is what makes me ENOUGH… not my husband, not my job, our home, or our income, but simply GOD! Satan has been telling me that I wasn’t enough my whole life, so I don’t know why this is any different. I have fought hard against him for so long and this time will be no different… or is it?!?! This time it just feels different.

Satan has been beating me up steadily and at times I feel very weak and vulnerable. At times I feel like the biggest failure… most of my feelings stem from my past mistakes and decisions… fearing that I gave up the only child I might have been able to have, fearing that I would not be able to have a child with the man I love with all my heart, or that maybe I gave up my chance. I know all these doubts are from satan, but I guess I am writing this blog to have the people I love the most praying for Nick and me. Praying for God to give me strength and wisdom. I am just tired and growing very weary! I love ya’ll! Thanks for just being there for us and loving us no matter what.

Reassuring the blind-folded…

Nick and I are officially trying to get pregnant. ¬†(Scary, I know). ¬†We are looking forward to the experience and we know it is forever going to change our lives. ¬†Nick has been ready for this for a while, but about a months ago we sat down and had the serious talk… “Are we really ready?” ¬†We were both on the same page and feel like we are in a place where we are as ready as we can be for starting a family.

It has been really hard for me to prepare myself for this. ¬†When I think about starting a family, I feel a plethora of emotions. ¬†I can’t help, but think about Sarah and where she will eventually fit into this family we will have. ¬†Wondering if she will even want to be involved in our family once she finds out that I am her biological mom. ¬†I worry that she will resent me or her half brothers or sisters, because I kept them. ¬†It is hard not to get excited about the positive things though if she is happy and understanding. ¬†It’s exciting thinking about her being a big sister to our children and eventually getting to know her father’s children as well. ¬†There is just so much to think about and sort through.

This pregnancy will be so different. ¬†I won’t be hating myself for the mistake I made before marriage. ¬†I will actually be having a child that I will be keeping and taking care of for the rest of my life. ¬†I won’t have to feel the guilt for the consequences of my actions everyday. ¬†I won’t have to grow attached to a “little one” growing inside me and know that I will soon have to part from that small little foot who stuck me in my ribs or played around in my belly while I was trying to sleep. ¬†This time when I sing songs to them I won’t have to wonder if they will still hear those songs once they part from me. ¬†This will be a whole new experience, but that scares me. ¬†This will be a totally different ¬†experience for me. ¬† ¬†It still scares me because there are times when I feel consumed with guilt for even wanting a family… all because of Sarah. ¬† I know that this is not how I should be feeling, but some times satan definitely gets the better of me.

God has definitely got a plan. ¬†He has not failed us so far and I know He will have the best interest of my children at heart. ¬†I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store, but sometimes it is a like walking down a road with a blind fold on with a guide who you can’t touch or feel. ¬†You can only trust their voice and that they won’t lead you astray and knowing that the price at the end will definitely be worth everything we will go through. ¬†Our guide is in control!

So here I am listening for that familiar voice that I love hearing… that is so sweet and reassuring. ¬†Hopefully, it will be different this time and I will pull out my headphones and turn off my Ipod and just listen to His sweet words direct and reassure me.

Pray for us as we journey down this long winding road towards a wonderful gift that only God can give.

Serving together!