Seven Years Bliss

I met my husband back in January of 2006. Reminiscing about our journey together has been overwhelming.
When Nick and I became friends, love, marriage, or the thought of a relationship scared me to death. It didn’t take long to see Nick was different, but I still just wanted his friendship alone. We see how well that worked out for me.

Moment of realization:
My parents had come to pick up my little brother and his friend from my house. Mom and I were talking in the kitchen when song erupted from the living room. My father and Nick were singing together while Nick strummed sweet hymns on his guitar. If my dad was that comfortable with him right away, then I needed to open my eyes and drop my guard.

Nick’s side: (told to me five years ago) “We were at McDonalds, after your soccer game, with Jamie and Nichole. Do you remember that black purse you had? With those black sequins? I was snatching those off of it to make aggravate you. You kept telling me to stop and then all of a sudden you wrapped your arm into mine to hold it down. I knew I was falling in love with you and that this was it… no more looking.”



We have been inseparable since the day I begged him to take a camping class with me. He has been stealing my heart day after day, causing me to fall deeper in love with him.

The first year of our marriage was not an easy one, but with God’s grace and protection we made it through with flying colors. Ha. We learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship.


We have grown in our love for Christ and He has continued to strength our marriage. He has allowed trials to cause us heartache and remind us why we need Him.




We have learned how to communicate well, to be loved, to selflessly serve, and to be vulnerable. We have laughed… A LOT! No one makes me laugh like you do. You learned that I am secretly a dinosaur nerd. I have learned that you are way more of a redneck than I ever realized.




You have spurred me on in my relationship with Christ when there have been moments I have wanted to throw in the towel. I know I have also done the same for you. You’ve held my head up above water when I was drowning in sorrow. You’ve challenged me to chase my dreams and given me that opportunity time and time again.


You believe in me! I will never be able to put into words what that means to me!



You make me feel beautiful. I always feel proud to be the woman on your arm and the woman who gets to stand by your side and raise a family with you. I take pride in the fact that you love me.





You are not just an incredible husband, but an indescribable father. We have been a firm foundation for our family and that is because of Jesus Christ in you. We see Him everyday in you and through you. Zeke is lucky to have you as an example of what a man should be, as well as a husband, and father. keep up the good work!





You once told me that you’d make me believe in fairy tale romances. You have kept that promise. We live in one every single day. At times that fairy tale has been filled with lots of twist and turns, but story is worth reading without adventures and hardships. ūüėČ



Cheers, my darling, to many more years of adventure, hardships, joy, kisses, laughter, and selfless love. May God always be the center of this life we live.

I love you with all of my heart!

Happy 7th Anniversary!



What It Is All About


Wild imaginations infused with playful chatter and laughter often drift through our home. It engulfs my spirit; sweet music to my soul. My green-eyed teddy bear with a heart of gold wrestling with a blue-eyed ball of energy brings joy to me and I revel in those precious moments.



My husband is a creative, talented, and well-rounded musician. When I met my husband 8 years ago, music was his muse; the core of his being. For hours on end he would sit and play in his own musical world and creating licks, riffs, and refuge for his soul. ¬†Music wasn’t just some hobby, it was his way of existing; like a wave that engulfed his body, mind, soul, and spirit. ¬†It was where he went to talk to God and often where God met him. ¬†His love for music and his love for God fascinated me, and ultimately captivated my heart.


This endeavor of ours has caused us to journey through some strenuous obstacles, but more often than not, we enjoy the hand we have been dealt. ¬†There is great pleasure that comes from living life with your best friend and it is even better when your best friend is your husband. ¬†I’ve watched my husband grow from a young man into a diligent leader within our home. ¬†Prioritizing has been a constant conquered struggle for us both. ¬†We try to make continuous efforts to place God first and our marriage second [we don’t always get that right; we try].¬†



In the last two years, things have changed drastically. ¬†We adopted a baby boy and he has changed our priorities yet again. Brave. Chivalrous. Selfless. ¬†These are words that have always encompassed who he is, but seeing him has a father has been magnificent. ¬†His love for me has always been selfless and he showers Zeke with that same love. ¬†He is also selfish with Zeke; selfish with his time. ¬†He is a busy man; two jobs, one band, and a family make for a very busy schedule. ¬†Yet, he constantly makes sacrifices for us both. ¬†He takes lunch breaks at home to cuddle with Zeke (our son) before nap time. ¬†He rushes home from band practice in hopes of praying with Zeke before bedtime. ¬†He cuts grass with Zeke securely tucked under his arm while he rides the tractor. ¬†He lavishes all kinds of musical knowledge into our son, even at the age of two. ¬†He disciplines him with grace and love while teaching him to respect himself and others. ¬†He contributes to Zeke’s love for fishing, football, hide-n-seek, hunting, and wrestling. ¬†He gives Zeke his undivided attention even when his phone is flashing emails, reminders, and text. ¬†He makes sure Zeke knows he comes before his dreams, hobbies, or work. ¬†He shows him how to thrive and take pleasure in his family.

nick and zeke 2



My favorite thing is watching him teach Zeke about God and prayer. ¬†The sweetest sounds to pass through my ears consist of Zeke repeating his daddy’s prayers at bedtime. ¬†It is humbling to be privileged enough to experience the awe of our Creator through the babblings of our innocent son as he whispers the honest words of his daddy. ¬†I love watching my hubby lead by example and not just saying, “Do as I say, not as I do!”



Ox Ox, we are so lucky to have you in our lives.  You are the greatest loan God has ever given me and I hope that as your partner in adventure, crime, life, love, and parenting that I honor you always.  You are a gift that keeps on giving not just in our marriage, but also as a parent. Zeke and I can never thank you enough for loving us so selflessly.  We love you with all of our hearts!





Happy Father’s Day!

I love you, my beloved!  xoxo