Simple Pleasures Make Good Treasures

Our Fourth of July was very busy; filled with cookouts, friends, and memories. Once the business had settled down, I decided to finish some art projects I had been working on. Luckily, Evanda loves to make crafts as well, so we took the afternoon while our husbands napped and scratched our “DIY” itch.

Two week ago, I started this project. A pallet wood canvas with a pastel palette.




I decided I wanted to decorate some bottles to go along with the palette theme. All of my items except the bottles were bought from Hobby Lobby.








After I finished the bottles, I placed them next to my pallet wood canvas. It will look great hanging above our mantel with the bottle.

This is an easy and fun project to occupy your time and scratch that creative itch we sometimes get. Ladies, it is also a cheap way to decorate your home.

Happy scratching! 😉


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