I call her “Momma!”

Mommy. Moms. Mothers. Mommas.  Whatever you choose to call them, that name means something special to each of us.   They are our “Wonder Women.”  This week after spending time in Haiti and spending an ample amount of time in several orphanages, the word mother really penetrates your heart.  There are so many children who have no one to call “mommy” as a child, or “momma” as they grow older.  They have no one to hold them at birth.  No one to stay up all night with them when they are sick.  No one to kiss their “boo-boos” or “ouches” away.  No one to read bedtime stories or rock them to sleep.  No one to cuddle with them just because.  No one to hold them close or reassure them that all the bad dreams aren’t real.  They have no one to give them the nurturing they deserve.  Moms are an important part of our lives with an important responsibility.  (Dads are too, but this blog isn’t about them right now).  🙂


God allowed me to be born into an incredible family.  With a father and mother that loved me and prayed for me.  God allowed me to have a family that loved me selflessly and unconditionally.  I was lucky enough to be born into a family that wanted me and showed that on a daily basis.


My sweet momma has always been my accountability, my champion, my encourager, my example to follow, and my prayer warrior.  As a child, she was always cheering me on and encouraging me to be girl that loved Jesus Christ and love people through my love for Jesus.  As I reached middle school, she was in my face, challenging me to be a young lady of character and integrity.  She called me out when I was being mean or selfish and challenged me to examine my attitude and behavior.  She set an example for me during her journey battling cancer.  Even when she was scared, she trusted our Heavenly Father.  Even when she had (almost) deadly allergic reactions to her chemo treatments, she never lost faith in God, and continued praying faithfully for direction.  She showed me how to love your spouse selflessly and always be their strong, even on the bad days.  She showed me how to let God fight my battles for me and how to trust God’s direction for my life at all times.  She showed me the best way to be a rock for your family was to stand on the Rock (Jesus Christ). 



In high school, my mom surpassed any expectations I could had ever placed on her.  In the midst of battling cancer, she lost her own mother, my precious Nana, and it was not easy.  She not only became the rock for our family, but the glue for our extended family.  I remember her telling me that my Nana had left a legacy for us to follow and that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to feel her shoes.  She wanted to have the same type of spirit she saw in my Nana, but little did she know she had already been living a legacy.  

My mom has always been by my side through thick and thin.  She has been my coach by giving direction and guidance, but she has allowed me to make my our decisions.  She has watched me follow her instruction and come out on top.  She has also watched me rebel again her advice and instruction, which has more often than not, led to my demise.  During those times, she has never once said, “I told you so,” or said, “You should have listened to me.”  She has been in the pit with me dusting off my knees, lifting up my head, and cheering me on to pick myself back up.  She has prayed for me during those times and hoped I would redirect my life, while relearning how to use my compass.  

In college and into adulthood, she has become my best friend, counselor, and prayer warrior.  She has been a constant in my life and earned the right to hold the title of best friend.  I know she always has my best interest at heart and has no trouble challenging me to dig deeper and expect more of myself.  She challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and truly follow Christ even when it is difficult or uncomfortable.  


I have been blessed to have a mother, who desired to make me a woman of character, class, and integrity.  I was blessed to have a momma that sacrificed her time to teach me about life, to drive me all over creation to play softball and soccer, and to answer all the thousands of questions I had about life and love.  She was sacrificial and selfless.  I was blessed to have a mother who would sit on the phone with me for hours just to laugh and talk about life or cry with me over frustration about life and womanhood.  She cried with me when God closed doors I was desperate for Him to open and celebrated with me when God opened unexpected doors that only He could receive the glory for.  


I love you so much, momma!  Words can never express the nurturing I have received from you and the shelter I have found in you when I was struggling through many chapters of my life.  Besides Jesus, you have been the one constant in my life.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  Dad, Russell, and I are so lucky to have you in our life and be able to be a part of your life.  God truly blessed me when He allowed me to be born into your life and you raise me in this crazy world we live in.  Happy Mother’s Day to you!  Today and everyday, you mean the world to your family.   I love you!  xoxo Image


Ps.  You are a great grandma too! 🙂


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