Why is this happening?

What are you trying to teach us?

Why can’t you give us some answers?

Why would you allow me to have a child in high school in all the wrong ways?

Why not now when I am going about it the right way?

How can you give people children who mistreat their children or neglect them, but people you know will raise their children to love you and serve you, you withhold them?

Does it make you happy to see us try and build ourselves up, just to crumble with the news of another negative?

Why are you allowing our closest friends to get pregnant, but not us?

How can you sit back and watch me fall a part and barely breathing and be okay with it?

Why are you allowing me to feel like I am drowning with no glimpse of help in sight?

How can I continue to have faith in you like I always have?

How long must we wait? (I am not getting any younger)!

I know you have a purpose in all of this, but could you please give us some answers or at least a answer?

How long do you expect me to hold on? (I am losing my grip).

Do you really think I am that strong?

Why Nick?

Why are you allowing him to suffer? (He deserves so much better).

How can I continue doing this… trying to move forward?

How long before I realize what you want me to?

Why can’t I feel you or find you?

Where are you?


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